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Defending Democracy: Lessons from Canada’s engagement in Haiti

Our freedom is under attack — in the heart of Europe! We need to stand up now and strengthen Democracy together with our European partners.

Canada, a member of the G7 countries , is one of the leading and most trusted democracies in the Americas that has built a reputation of constructive international cooperation with countries of the Global South. As Haiti, one of Canada’s neighbouring countries, is experiencing a severe democratic backsliding, an unprecedented security crisis and a collapsing State that will have adverse consequences for regional stability and security of the Americas, there is a growing expectation for Canada to play a key role in helping restore security and democracy in Haiti.

The event was a policy discussion with civil society leaders, media, students, and government stakeholders who have a keen interest in Haiti’s democratic prospects and Canada’s role in the region. The ultimate goal was to make well-informed recommendations to bolster Canada’s effectiveness in supporting Haiti’s democratic process, in keeping with the commitments made during the first Summit for Democracy.

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