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The Voice and Value of Democracy Campaign

This campaign aims to counter negative narratives about democracy, elevate the benefits of democracy and empower individuals to actively support and uphold democratic values worldwide.

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Who We Are

The Global Democracy Coalition was formed in October of 2021, convened by International IDEA and democracy organizations from around the world. The goal was to convene organizations committed to the advancement of democracy, to engage collectively and constructively with the first Summit for Democracy, hosted by United States government, in December 2021. The GDC organized a Forum ahead of the first Summit to place issues on the Summit agenda.

What started as an informal group has evolved into a strategic multi-stakeholder alliance of more than 120 democracy organizations from around the world committed to advance and protect democracy worldwide and to influence the Summits for Democracy. It provides a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange and experience-sharing, and advocacy around the Summits for Democracy and beyond. The Coalition works collectively on strategic issues relevant to the global democracy agenda. The GDC held a second Forum ahead of the second Summit for Democracy, on 28 February and 1 March 2023.

The GDC held its third Forum from 11-15 March 2024. Regional fora were held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Accra, Ghana; Barcelona, Spain; and Seoul, South Korea, culminating in a Global Democracy Forum in Seoul on 15 March.

2024 Global Democracy Coalition Forum

The third Global Democracy Coalition Forum 2024 took place from 11-15 March, ahead of the Summit for Democracy in South Korea on 18-20 March. This week-long celebration featured hybrid regional democracy fora in Santo Domingo, Accra, Barcelona, and Seoul, ending with a Global Democracy Forum in Seoul. These events facilitated dialogue among global democracy organizations, policymakers, and advocates, exploring regional perspectives and solutions to democracy’s challenges, and shaping discussions for the Summit for Democracy.

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2024 Partners for Democracy Day

Partners for Democracy Day aimed to give civil society, international organizations, academia, think tanks, philanthropies, and the private sector a voice in the Summit for Democracy discussions.

P4D 2024, an independent GDC initiative, organized a 24-hour global program of in-person, hybrid, and online democracy events. This initiative sought to amplify non-governmental voices in the global democracy debate, enriching the third Summit for Democracy from 18-20 March in Seoul, South Korea.

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Our Coalition Partners

The Global Democracy Coalition is a multi-stakeholder alliance of more than 120 democracy organizations from around the world committed to advance and protect democracy worldwide and to influence the Summits for Democracy and the Year of Action.

Being a partner/member in the Global Democracy Coalition provides access to a network of like-minded organizations and colleagues around the world, to share information on democratic innovations and good democratic practices, to identify opportunities for collaboration and to better coordinate their efforts, specifically in relation to the Summit for Democracy, but also in their democracy strengthening efforts more broadly. The Coalition enables partner organizations to have a stronger voice in influencing the Summits for Democracy and the global democracy agenda more broadly, as part of a collective effort rather than as individual organizations.

The Global Democracy Coalition does not pretend to substitute other issue-based global coalitions or Summit cohorts. Rather, it intends to bridge the issue-based discussions in other thematically organized coalitions and cohorts under the broader umbrella of democracy. It also aims to facilitate dialogue across Summit cohorts, to facilitate synergies and link them to the broader democracy agenda.

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Funders and Donors


The Global Democracy Coalition Forum is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH Foundation, Ford Foundation, and International IDEA. It would also not be possible without the generous contributions of time and effort of all the participating partners.