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Thank you Democracy

A global celebration of democracy

In an era marked by rising authoritarianism, declining trust in institutions, and erosion of democratic norms, countering the negative narrative surrounding democracy is urgent.

Our campaign aims to foster a positive narrative on the universal value of democracy, promoting proactive engagement and education.

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The Campaign

This campaign highlights the value of democracy in order to respond to the vicious cycle of political apathy, disengagement, and declining trust observed in many countries worldwide.

It seeks to showcase democratic innovations and good practices worldwide, providing and amplifying actionable recommendations in vital international fora, mentorship, and intergenerational exchange.

Additionally, it provides support and visibility to the work carried out by GDC members, youth groups, and democracy activists worldwide.

These are some of the global leaders and activists who have enthusiastically joined this campaign, driven by their deep appreciation for democracy.

Why do you stand up for democracy?

We posed this challenging question to young leaders and global figures. Explore their inspiring responses on the enduring impact and importance of democratic values

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Thank you Democracy

For the courage to Ask

Thank you for the right to question authority, challenge injustices, and demand transparency, which has led to significant societal improvements. 

For the right to Speak

Thank you for the right to make our voices heard, empowering us to influence society and catalyze change, leading to a more inclusive and expressive community.

For the art of Listening

Thank you for fostering an environment where every voice is valued and heard, enhancing decision-making and contributing to a more empathetic society.

For empowering Action

Thank you for the opportunity to take initiative, driving progress and reform at all levels of society, resulting in stronger democratic resilience.

For allowing us to Collaborate

Thank you for the opportunity to unite efforts, which builds stronger alliances and collective resilience, leading to more robust democratic institutions.

Why should you get involved?

The GDC’s strength resides in the diversity of voices and collective influence of all its members, partners and allies. This campaign is an opportunity to bring all GDC members, partners and allies together to champion democracy and the different democratic initiatives and experiences around the world. 

Get involved!

For more information, reach out to Elisenda Ballesté Buxó ( or Laura Flores (