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Democracy in Europe

Arboga Meeting for Democracy 2024

11:00-16:00 CET / 19:00 - 00:00 KST

In-person event

A political environment of populism, polarization and protectionism is rapidly changing our world, our country and our city. It affects cohesion and faith in the future, challenges democracy and marginalizes minorities.

Welcome to a public education and conversation day on social development, where we took the help of some experts and cultural workers to better interpret and understand the political developments we are part of, and how we can jointly shape them.

During this day we developed a list of ten priorities for making democracy more resilient and participatory – as a message to our fellow citizens in Arboga, Sweden, Europe and the world – and passed them to the 3rd Summit for Democracy in Seoul/Korea, where leaders from more than 100 countries gathered from March 18-20.

Arboga is one of 293 muncipalities in Sweden and has a population of approx 15’000 people. 589 year ago – back in 1435 – Arboga was the place, where the first Swedish parliament, the so called ‘Arboga Meeting’ took place.

*For any further information, please contact Bruno Kaufman (
*This event was held in Swedish.


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