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Youth and Democracy

Bridging Democratic Dissatisfaction: Empowering Youth Engagement

08:00-09:00 CET / 16:00 - 17:00 KST

Online event

In today’s democratic sphere, youth express dissatisfaction with traditional democratic norms but actively engage through non-traditional means like online platforms. This panel at P4D 2024 aimed to dissect this dissonance and explore avenues to integrate youth into democratic frameworks. The discussion probed youth sentiments toward democracy, their modes of participation, and strategies to bolster trust in democratic institutions. Additionally, it addressed the mental well-being of politically active youth and ways to sustain their motivation amidst challenges.

Featuring representatives from youth organizations partnering with Counterpart International, the panel offered diverse perspectives and experiences. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, it sought to generate actionable recommendations to empower youth and enhance their integration into democratic frameworks globally. Through inclusive dialogue, the panel endeavored to catalyze initiatives resonating with youth aspirations, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant democratic landscape.

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