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Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2022

Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2022

The Alliance of Democracies was delighted host the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on 9-10 June 2022. Uniting democratic forces to push back on the authoritarian tide was our ambition when we inaugurated the Copenhagen Democracy Summit series five years ago with Joe Biden as our inaugural keynote speaker.

Today, as we see with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, front-line figures in the battle for freedom and democracy matter more than ever. We will provide a platform for such voices globally. We urgently need to unite political, business and media leaders, democracy activists and advocates, to bring fresh ideas to stem the authoritarian advance and put democracy back on the front foot.

Thursday was dedicated to technology and democracy including our Democracy and Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship. Friday focused on how to defend Ukraine, counter authoritarian powers, and build an alliance of democracies.

Day 1

Day 2