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Europe GDC Forum

The Europe GDC Forum, took place in Barcelona at Espacio Ca l’Alier, both in person and streamed live. It epitomized the commitment to democratic values within the European context. In collaboration with our esteemed partner, Political Watch, this forum was a cornerstone event in the European democratic landscape.

On 12 March 2024, the Europe GDC Forum emerged as a pivotal platform in the lead-up to the Summit for Democracy in South Korea. It provided a dedicated platform for European voices to engage in dialogue and exchange perspectives on democracy. Participants delved into the regional perspectives on democracy, exploring opportunities, challenges, and future directions for democratic governance in Europe. The forum’s agenda was multifaceted, aimed to facilitate discussions among European democracy organizations, policymakers, and advocates while also examining the broader global context.

With the Europe GDC Forum, attendees had the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing conversation about the state of democracy in Europe, identified common challenges and opportunities, and chart a course for advocating democratic values within the region and beyond.

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