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Youth, Technology and Democracy

How AI & Big Data Might Impact and Shape Electoral Processes in Kenya

7 March / 07:00 – 09:00 CET / 15:00 - 17:00 KST

In-person event

Demographics of eligible voters in Kenya is youthful as 70% of Kenya’s current population is under the age of 25. Political decisions tend to be based on lived experience and material conditions, but there is no doubt that information from trends on social media, and ideas generated using AI and predictive analytics, could shape political decisions.

As The Youth Cafe, we are excited to have organized a timely conversation on how AI and Big Data amplify youth voter engagement in Kenya during the Peoples Dialogue Festival, 2024. It is also imperative for all states to participate in the development of guidelines for the ethical use of AI and Big data. National, regional, and international bodies governing the ethical and responsible political use of AI and Big data should be established and empowered to ensure regulatory oversight and accountability.

This event aligned with TYC current work on developing a youth playback for AI in elections, with an emphasis on youth and AI literacy for all. The Youth Cafe is working together to ensure policy development and widespread education on AI. Customized educational content is required for young people. Catering to contextual realities such as local languages and methods of information dissemination.

Similarly, The Youth Cafe is partaking in processes leading up to the adoption of a Global Digital Compact as essential for consolidating worldwide scientific consensus on AI’s potential, risks, and challenges. Therefore, young people should engage strategically with the “Governing AI for humanity” agenda which is being led by the United Nations (UN). Further robust engagement and participation in platforms which focus on AI for political good is essential for information sharing, partnership building, and gaining insights on what to prioritise and invest in.

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