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Youth, Technology and Democracy

Intergenerational Dialogues on Youth, Technology, and Democracy

1:45-3:15 CET / 9:45-11:15 KST

Hybrid event

In the intergenerational dialogues of the Global Democracy Coalition Forum, participants engaged in discussions exploring the intersection of youth, technology, and democracy, aiming to foster collaboration and understanding across generations. The dialogues addressed regional challenges and opportunities within the broader context of democratic governance.

The panels focused on the following key themes:

  • Youth Engagement with Technology:
    • Delving into how younger generations utilize technology platforms for political engagement, activism, and civic participation.
    • Exploring the impact of technology on youth political participation and its implications for democratic processes.
  • Innovative Approaches to Combat Disinformation:
    • Examining strategies and tools employed by youth to navigate and counter disinformation campaigns.
    • Discussing the role of technology in disseminating accurate information and combating misinformation in democratic contexts.
  • Lessons from Youth-Led Initiatives:
    • Showcasing successful youth-led initiatives that leverage technology for democratic innovation and social change within regional contexts.
    • Highlighting the importance of youth agency in driving positive democratic outcomes through innovative initiatives.

The panel synthesized insights from the regional discussions from the GDC regional Fora, which would have identified differences, similarities, and potential gaps in addressing the specific themes.

Through these intergenerational dialogues, the Global Democracy Forum seeks to empower youth voices, facilitate knowledge-sharing, and catalyze collective action towards strengthening democratic institutions and practices globally.

Together, participants explored ways to leverage technology and intergenerational cooperation to promote inclusive democratic governance, enhance civic participation, and confront emerging challenges in the digital age.

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