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Media Information Literacy: CSOs as Changemakers for Digital Empowerment Online Meeting

In today’s digital landscape, Media Information Literacy (MIL) stands as the cornerstone, providing individuals with essential skills to navigate the vast sea of information and counter the rising tide of disinformation and misinformation propagated by various state and non-state actors. Bridging the digital literacy gap is a critical task, and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) emerge as pivotal actors entrusted by society to educate communities and advocate for policies safeguarding rights and freedoms in the digital realm. As changemakers in the broader context of human rights, CSOs play a transformative role in championing the cause of a digitally literate populace. Their efforts ensure that community members can navigate the digital realm confidently, free from concerns about cybersecurity, privacy, freedom of expression, bullying, or falling victim to digital inequities.