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Myanmar and Cambodia’s Democracy Recession: Global and Regional Implications

Myanmar and Cambodia reflect the worsening state of democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia. Political developments in Myanmar and Cambodia could trigger a broader democratic recession that reaches far beyond the Southeast Asian subregion. Better understanding of these situations is crucial to understanding how democracy can emerge anywhere and everywhere and to understanding how to challenge and overcome the forces of autocracy threatening the safety of the people and the development of the economies of these countries.

 Through a panel discussion, this event will:

●       take a closer look at the situations in Myanmar and Cambodia

●       examine the international response to these situations

●       provide insights into ways to support democratic forces in these countries that could also be informative in other cases


Moderator: Veronica Pedrosa, Myanmar Advocacy Consultant, ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights


Leena Rikkila Tamang, Director for Asia and the Pacific, International IDEA

Khin Ohmar, Chairperson of Progressive Voice

Sam Rainsy, Acting President, Cambodia National Rescue Party