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PeaceCon 2023: New Peacebuilding Architectures for today and the future

On May 3-5, 2023, the Alliance for Peacebuilding will hold its 11th annual conference, PeaceCon 2023: Beyond Fragile Ground: New Peacebuilding Architectures for Today and the Future, in hybrid format.

The peacebuilding field has grown significantly in the last two decades, seeing substantial wins, including the adoption of the Global Fragility Act (GFA), the United Nations (UN) Sustaining Peace Agenda, and the World Bank Group Strategy for Fragility, Conflict, and Violence.  Yet many challenges remain.

PeaceCon 2023 convenes at a time of extraordinary global turbulence. The number of compounding crises facing the field is unprecedented.

PeaceCon 2023 will bring together senior officials, thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners  to explore how the field must evolve, with strategic foresight and innovation, to strengthen existing instruments of peacebuilding and create new strategic approaches and peacebuilding architectures to manage conflict and prevent violence during these times of tectonic geopolitical shifts.

Join us at PeaceCon 2023 as we collectively explore what is working, how to build on these successes, and how we develop and demand practical and interconnected new peacebuilding strategies and tools for the future to shape a more effective and inclusive peacebuilding sector.

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