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Promoting the role of youth in political and democratic spaces

Promoting the role of youth in political and democratic spaces

The first Summit for Democracy, held in December 2021, brought together leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to set out an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal. Between the first and second Summit, the ‘Year of Action’ is an opportunity for governments to begin to implement their commitments to democracy made during the first Summit, with the help of civil society and democracy support organisations.

The co-leadership of the Youth Political and Civic engagement cohort by the European Commission, Ghana, Nepal, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), AfricTivistes, and The European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) underscores the importance of promoting Youth ownership of the Democratic values’ legacy.

International IDEA, in collaboration with the European Commission (EC) and the Youth Political and Civic Engagement Cohort of the Summit for Democracy (S4D), would like to cordially invite you to an event on the S4D taking place on 15 November, 14:00-16:00 h CET, online.

The Year of Action online peer-to-peer dialogue Promoting the role of youth in political and democratic spaces event will explore commitments on youth presented by governments at the S4D. It will offer an opportunity for discussions between European Union (EU) and non-EU governments, civil society organizations (CSOs) and other relevant stakeholders on youth and political participation, and on youth, digitalisation, and online electoral integrity. The dialogue will further explore lessons learnt and identify opportunities for further engagement for this Year of Action. It will feature speakers from EU institutions, government representatives from EU Member States, Africa, and Latin America, CSOs and non-governmental organisations.