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The Global State of Democracy 2023 Global Launch Event

As the bedrocks of democracy are weakening across the globe, in its fifth edition, The Global State of Democracy 2023 Report explores the factors exacerbating this deterioration. ‘The New Checks and Balances’ takes a closer look at the role of formal and informal countervailing institutions in the advancement and protection of democracy. Going beyond traditional ‘checks and balances’, countervailing institutions also include the bodies, movements and institutions that protect the equilibrium of power between the people and the government. 

The Global State of Democracy Report is based on a rigorous methodology that combines data analysis with on-the-ground experience to evaluate the state of democracy in 173 countries, including evidence-based analysis of both global and regional trends, complemented by case studies and a set of actionable recommendations for policymakers.

Recognizing the complexity of democratic performance, ‘The Global State of Democracy 2023 Report – The New Checks and Balances‘, for the first time, ranks countries in four major categories of democratic performance rather than one overall classification. These four categories are Representation, Rights, Rule of Law and Participation.

Discover this year’s insights by joining our global launch event virtually from anywhere in the world – register here!

Mark your calendar for 2 November at 17:00 CET and catch the event live on International IDEA’s YouTube channel. Join the discussion and share your thoughts using the hashtag #GSoD2023.