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Transnational Repression and Democracy

The Resistance’s Playbook: Countering Foreign Interference and Transnational Repression

1:45-3:15 CET / 09:45 - 11:15 KST

Hybrid event

In collaboration with Freedom House, the Lithuanian Government, and the OECD, our cohort on countering authoritarian pressures hosted a panel during the official civil-society day at the Summit for Democracy.
This session discussed the recent trends and different forms of foreign interference by authoritarian regimes targeting democratic institutions, emphasizing the necessity for enhanced global collaboration and a unified policy response. Specifically, it delved into mapping the various channels of foreign interference and focus more specifically on the consequences of transnational repression. In addition, the panel also examined how authoritarians are increasingly targeting democracy activists outside of their borders in an effort to silence and intimidate them. This phenomenon of transnational repression requires a robust policy response from the democratic community.

The objective of this session was to examine and discuss the latest patterns of foreign interference and transnational repression, aiming to formulate policy suggestions and establish a cohesive approach to counteract the increasing strategies employed by authoritarian entities. Watch the session on our YouTube channel:


  • Alliance of Democracies
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
  • Freedom House
  • OECD