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UCLG Policy Councils & Town Hall Process

Policy Councils and the UCLG Town Hall Process

UCLG hosted a dialogue between the Multilevel Governance, Opportunities for All, and Safer, Sustainable and Resilient Cities Policy Councils with the Town Halls of Trust and Government and Climate and Culture.

The UCLG Town Hall is the space for dialogue and interaction between different internationally organized civil society constituencies and the political leadership of the local and regional governments constituency to jointly define global policies. Driven by civil society, it allows different international stakeholders to collaborate in the definition of policy priorities and the localization of the global agendas.

The 2022 UCLG Town Hall renewed the structured dialogue between the local and regional governments constituency and internationally organized civil society and is strengthened by the presence of international partners and 3 cross-cutting caucuses (youth, feminism and accessibility). The subjects of the Town Hall are directly linked to UCLG’s Pact for the Future and its three axes: People, Planet and Government and reflect the priorities and targets included in the UN Secretary General’s Common Agenda.

The 2022 UCLG Town Halls focus on: the Global Commons and redefining public services and the notion of what is public and what should be considered as part of the commons; Trust and Government and defining how we will regain trust in the public sector and redefine our institutions; Caring Systems and understanding what we need to renew our social contract to put care at the center of our cities and territories; and Climate and Culture to guarantee that our planet and future generations are protected through culture as the backbone of our societies and as our motor for sustainable development.

You can learn more about the UCLG Policy Councils here.