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World Forum for Democracy

When: 6-8 November 2023
Where: Virtual

The next World Forum for Democracy will take place in Strasbourg (France) from 6 to 8 November 2023. This year, the theme is Democracy= Peace? with registration beginning on September 4th, 2023.

War has once again returned to the European continent. The shock has been such that a renewed appreciation for peace, and worry for the welfare of democracy, has risen within the European and international communities. 

Armed conflicts, however, had never ceased to be a recurring threat in the world. The post Second World War vision of peace and prosperity, underpinned by democracy, never fully delivered.  In the twenty-first century, the question is still open whether this vision can fulfill its promise.  

At a time when violence rages, inequalities are widening, and politics is polarising – and when governments are struggling to cope with unforeseen events including climate change, pandemics and the rise of new technologies- now is the time to ask: can democracy deliver peace?

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