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Youth and Democracy

Youth Conference: Amplifying Youth Voices in Rwanda

8:00 - 18:00 CET / 16:00 - 02:00 KST

Hybrid event

This youth conference aimed to unite young people, civil society organizations, the private sector, academia, and international non-governmental organizations for robust and pragmatic discussions on democracy. The theme of the conference was ‘Amplifying Youth Voices,’ addressing a crucial aspect of youth involvement in democracy. The event featured both a panel session which will facilitate discussions on “Strengthening inclusive democratic process and Youth participation” and a knowledge café that delved into the “challenges of insufficient youth participation in democratic spaces”. Additionally, it sought recommendations on enhancing the visibility of youth in civic spheres. The diverse backgrounds of participants and selected speakers, coupled with their extensive experience and rich insights into the topics, contributed to enriching the knowledge of all participants.



  • Jolie Silence Uwingabiye, Program Manager at Citizen Rights and Development
  • Eric Ndushabandi , Vice Dean of School of Social Political and Administration science and Researcher at the center for Conflict Management at the University of Rwanda
  • Faith Mutesi, Program Manager, Citizen Voice and Actions
  • Dr. Mpayimana Fulgence, Executive Secretary of Ajprodho, Jijukirwa
  • Moderator: Robert Mugabo, Youth Activist

*For more information regarding this event, please contact Gahima Manaranatha (


  • Citizen Voice and Actions