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Youth + Democracy Talk Series: Forum II

28 October 2023

Youth + Democracy Talk Series: Forum II The “Youth + Democracy” Series, is a group of events held within the framework of the Youth Conquest Project, which emerged as a strategic and necessary response to empower young people with the knowledge and skills essential to actively participate in politics and advocate for their rights. This initiative has the potential to transform not only the political landscape, but also the future direction of Paraguayan society as a whole.

The “Youth + Democracy” Series seeks to disseminate and deepen the menu of possible commitments of the Youth Democracy Cohort , and to empower young people in their political and civic participation by training them on leadership, politics and democracy. The series is made up of three face-to-face meetings and three bonus virtual talks , with the participation of experts in the different areas to be worked on, each designed for different age groups and specific objectives. For more information.