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Join Forces for Democracy

Our freedom is under attack — in the heart of Europe. This event sought to discuss how citizens and cities could come together to strengthen and protect democracy across Europe.

European Capital of Democracy offers:

– Opportunities for CITIES to engage in the ECoD Network, offering best practice exchange, access to experts and capacity building.

– Contribution and showcasing of democracy projects in the title-holding European Capital of Democracy, which will host a range of activities by ACADEMIA, CIVIL SOCIETY and EXPERTS.

– Invitation for EUROPEANS to join the Citizens’ Jury, selecting a European Capital of Democracy every year and serving as a unique sounding board and network for issues such as participation, democracy and sustainability.

  • Panelists
  • Martina Fürrutter – Programme Manager and Researcher, European Capital of Democracy
  • Stefan Sindelar – Chief Executive Officer, European Capital of Democracy
  • Laura Thomas – United Kingdom Representative, The Innovation in Politics Institute