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Focus sur la recherche : Réponses politiques à la violence contre les femmes en politique en ligne

This chapter in a new edited volume from Temple University Press looks at policy responses to a spectrum of forms of gender-based political violence in the online arena. Responses identified are based on the intensity of the harm, the identity of the perpetrator(s), and the medium/online location where the harm occurs. Parliamentary Centre VP, Gabrielle Bardall argues that responses to these various manifestations of online violence should be grouped into three distinct sets of approaches: institutional and legal responses, platform responses and community-based responses. Each approach should reflect the distinct nature and nuances of this problem. Responses to incivility and hate speech must be different than those targeted to criminal and threats. Responses must reflect the fact that some kinds of harm can be codified and prosecuted, while others are embedded in cultural norms and require completely different strategies. All responses need to engage with the delicate conversation on free speech – protecting freedoms to express opinions and beliefs but also protecting the right to engage in civic and political activities free from fear of harm.