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Fostering Equitable North-South civil society s: Voices from the South

The following key findings were obtained from perspectives shared by 609 civil society organisations between 5 August and 30 November 2020.Organisations that shared their experiences and views operate in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, 92% of whom have collaborated with between 1-10 INGOs. 65% confirmed that they engage with INGOs based on a bottom-up approach or as equal partners, but bemoaned the fact that the practices, structures, approaches, and programmes of some INGOs did not extensively consider local realities. Even when considered, INGOs’ appreciation of ‘local’ realities is limited to the context of the project beneficiaries. The consideration of institutional realities and context (such as capacities, structures, sustainability) of their global south partner organisations is mostly absent from INGOs’ programmes, plans, and strategies.