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grace initiative7

As the Afghan refugees set out to resettled in communities throughout the United States, it is critical for the groups welcoming and facilitating this settlement will ensure an encouraging and meaningful settlement in new communities. This integration process goes beyond the assumption of good will or common know how to help the refugees. It involves a positive and holistic settlement entailing a sensitivity of their culture, religion, and history of the refugee – the actual people concerned. Following the departure from military bases, organizations involved in the settlement processes will oversee inter alia arranging accommodation, clothing, employment, health issues, and immersion into schools. In addition, this settlement process will require essential religious connections and sensitivities, as well as the trauma evaluation and counselling. Further, Afghan families may fear introduction into American societies, fearing prejudice toward Muslims. To this end, those involved in the settlement should possess sensitivity of their experience, with a view to supporting a restorative integration.