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International Parliamentary Inquiry – Hearing 6

APHR launches a new initiative to assess the response of international actors to the crisis in Myanmar, with the aim of recommending courses of action to address the urgent needs in the country. We have brought together a group of Parliamentarians appalled by the situation in Myanmar from eight different countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, have decided to launch this International Parliamentary Inquiry to assess the global response, with the aim of formulating effective policy recommendations for courses of action that could end the violence and positively address the urgent needs in the country. This is the sixth of our hearings. Speakers: -Mr. Luiz Kiadtikhunphaibun, First Secretary General for the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs, Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) -Mr. Saw Tah Doh Moo, General Secretary, Karen National Union (KNU) -Mr. Kim Jolliffe, Independent researcher on security, development and humanitarian affairs in Myanmar.