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Justice Policy Series, Part I: Access to Justice

This paper encourages justice reformers to better connect with OGP and its processes as a strategy to implement change. Through OGP’s built-in collaboration between government and civil society, different actors in the justice community (e.g., executive branches, judicial institutions and legal services providers) have a natural space to collaborate on making concrete commitments to improve access to justice. Moreover, OGP allows policymakers to learn from their peers in different countries. The successes and challenges faced by countries in implementing justice-related commitments–as shared through action plans and IRM assessments–can help open government advocates and policymakers in other countries develop locally-adapted commitments. This analysis explores the legal needs in OGP countries, how countries might use their OGP action plans to respond to these needs, the existing activities meeting those needs in OGP action plans, and areas for future work as suggested by OGP countries.