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Remarks by Boris Bondarev at our Ukrainian and Russian Diasporas

Boris Bondarev, Russia’s only government official who resigned in protest against the invasion of Ukraine: “Putin’s victory would not only make him the biggest threat to Europe and the United States. It would also show all his fellow dictators that they can do whatever pleases them. … Putin hasn’t killed as many people as Hitler did – so far … but his threat and menace is equal to Hitler’s … It is a common understanding, I hope, that Putin must lose this war. … Some Western countries and politicians may seem rather hesitant or reluctant to provide Ukraine with necessary assistance. There are even suggestions that Kyiv should make peace with Putin right now, so-called ‘peace for land’. … It is in fact very dangerous and erroneous approach. … The first and may be the main area where Russian immigrants, political activists in exile should focus their attention is in advocating for support for Ukraine, first of all. And the second area which also is important is that this war changed the reputation of Russia a lot. … Now I see many people turn against Russia as such. … “All” Russians allegedly “support the war”, “all” Russians are “genetically warmongers”. This is a very dangerous talk, very dangerous narrative. … We all must focus on informing people about true Russia, about free Russia, about those Russians who fight Putin. … We must speak for our compatriots in Russia to give them a chance after the war, to help them get rid of Putin, to help new prodemocratic forces in Russia to come to power.”