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The Lebanese Crisis: A way forward

Two years after its disastrous economic and financial crisis, Lebanon is on a slippery slope towards state failure. The huge explosion that wrecked large parts of Beirut in 2020 and the deadly street violence in October 2021 were just the latest events in a downward trajectory. The political system is in paralysis and the Lebanese state is falling apart. Yet, political elites seem unable or unwilling to initiate reforms that could compromise their hold on power. Eighty percent of the population now lives in poverty, threatening the social peace and stability of the country. With elections in May 2022, this is an important moment to review the situation in Lebanon, and to assess the reforms that are necessary to save the country from total collapse. In a recent documentary, “Lebanon: A State on the Brink”, the International Crisis Group outlined the interlocking crises facing Lebanon through the lens of those experiencing them first hand. In this event co-hosted by the European Endowment for Democracy and the International Crisis Group, speakers representing Lebanese civil society and independent media will review the current situation in Lebanon and will speak about possible approaches that could be taken by Lebanese actors leading up to the election, and in the post-election period.