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UNAUSGESPROCHEN – Frau. Leben. Freiheit. Die Proteste in Iran – „Azadi”, Cymin Samawatie

In Iran, girls and women are not only rebelling against the obligation to wear a veil: “Woman, life, freedom”. In the meantime, the protest movement has spread throughout the country and large parts of the population. Countless people have been killed, injured, persecuted and imprisoned resistance for weeks. In our series “UNSPOKEN – A musical invitation to commemorate” Cymin Samawatie interprets her poem “Azadi” – freedom. The first verse reads: “San, Sendergi, Azadi” – woman, life, freedom. The German-Iranian singer Cymin Samawatie was awarded the Berlin Jazz Prize in 2022 and the German Jazz Prize in the category “Large Ensemble of the Year”.