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Beyond Conflict

HQ Country
United States
Office locations
United States
Where they work
Modality of engagement
(Civic) education, Convening of dialogues, Research/analysis/knowledge production
Thematic area
Business and human rights, Civil society strengthening, Human rights, Peacebuilding

Starting in 2001, BC started to integrate research from brain and behavioral science into our Shared Experience Model of conflict resolution and reconciliation. We recognized that previous attempts to understand and address the causes and consequences of conflict did not take into account how the human brain functions as the primary driver of behavior. The paradigms that shaped the work in these fields discounted or ignored how the human brain functions and only offered partial or incorrect explanations and predictions about how and why we act the way we do.

Beyond Conflict combines 30+ years of experience in conflict prevention, resolution, and reconciliation with the latest cognitive and behavioural science. Our team addresses the urgent need to better understand how humans think through the application of first hand experience, rigorous  science, and the needs and input of local communities.   

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