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Building Blocks For Peace Foundation

HQ Country
Office locations
Ghana, Nigeria
Where they work
Modality of engagement
(Civic) education, Advocacy and agenda setting
Thematic area
Climate change and democracy, Elections, Peacebuilding, Social movements/collective action, Youth

In 2021, Building Blocks for Peace Foundation (BBFORPEACE) participated in the three-part study which examined how the military and non-military measures mostly copied from abroad are deployed to combat numerous security threats in the country, create opportunities for the use and abuse of counterterrorism (CT) and security laws to curtail civic freedoms. The third part of the study, which captured realities from Nigeria, examines the popular use of the security architecture to limit civic society and disable the environment for active civic participation in Nigeria. The findings from the research reveal a systematic pattern of exercising overbearing governmental power in ways that tighten the traditional and digitalised spaces for civic engagement in Nigeria. Since 2022, BBFORPEACE with support from Spaces for Change has organised a Multi-stakeholder Dialogue, Trainings, Education initiatives to foster effective relationship between security agencies and civil society in Nigeria. In 2023, we organised trainings for youth on nonviolence civil resistance and another training on human rights protection for the southwest regional security outfit codenamed ‘Amotekun’.

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