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Forum of Federations

HQ Country
Office locations
Where they work
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Cyprus, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Yemen
Modality of engagement
Events, Project implementation, Research/analysis/knowledge production
Thematic area
Civil society strengthening, Gender equality & rights

The Forum of Federations (the Forum) is an international non-governmental organization specializing in the practice of federal and multilevel governance. The Forum is both a ‘think’ and ‘do’ organization. It produces, curates and marshals cutting edge knowledge and research on federal and multilevel governance. It mobilizes and applies this knowledge to directly support agents of change to develop practical solutions to governance challenges, and engage in inclusive dialogues concerning critical governance issues.

Operating across the Global North and Global South, the Forum aspires to improve the lives of people living in established and emerging federal and multilevel countries by strengthening democratic, inclusive governance institutions and processes.

The Forum works with agents of change at all levels, supporting governments and civil society at all levels. Through its work, the Forum aims to foster a world in which individuals and institutions in federal and multilevel countries have the knowledge, agency and opportunity to create better societies.

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