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New American Voices

New American Voices

HQ Country
United States
Office locations
United States
Where they work
United States
Modality of engagement
Events, Norm setting, Research/analysis/knowledge production
Thematic area
Democracy assistance, Elections, Local democracy, Political parties, Social movements/collective action

We are a group of dedicated Americans from all over the country who are concerned about the direction of our democracy. The daughters and sons of immigrants, we are accomplished activists, educators, nonprofit leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, digital strategists, attorneys, politicians, and healthcare professionals. And we are fueled by talented volunteer power and grassroots supporters.

We mobilize new Americans to participate in our political process by reaching out to voters who are usually ignored. Campaigns use a “calculus of contact” to determine who to call, canvass, target political ads toward, and turn out to vote. These activities have a sizable impact on whether someone votes and who they decide to vote for. However, this calculus leads to neglecting immigrant populations and those who rely on languages other than English. These Americans are often among the ones most affected by policies enacted by our political leaders.

But Asian Americans and other new Americans are the fastest growing voting bloc in the United States — in just the last 6 years, this electorate has grown by 50% in critical swing states. Yet in past elections, they have turned out to vote at lower rates than other groups. By taking intentional steps to reach out to and inform them, we can mobilize this powerful voting bloc and help ensure their voices are heard. We’ll need those voices to unite our country and build a vibrant democracy.

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