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Partners Global

HQ Country
United States
Office locations
United States
Where they work
Bahrain, Cambodia, Guinea, Hungary, Lebanon, Nigeria, Senegal, Slovakia, United States, Uzbekistan, Yemen
Modality of engagement
(Civic) education, Advocacy and agenda setting, Capacity building, Convening of dialogues, Events, Project implementation, Research/analysis/knowledge production
Thematic area
Citizen participation, Civil society strengthening, Gender equality & rights, Human rights, Judicial reform, Peacebuilding, Transparency & open government

PartnersGlobal serves as a catalyst, helping to transform the way individuals, communities, businesses, and government institutions come together cooperatively for a more peaceful, inclusive, democratic, and prosperous world. PartnersGlobal promotes democracy utilizing sophisticated conflict resolution approaches; they are also pioneers in the impact investment arena, with a proven track record of building sustainable local organizations.

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