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RNW Media

HQ Country
Office locations
Where they work
Modality of engagement
Advocacy and agenda setting, Project implementation, Research/analysis/knowledge production
Thematic area
Climate change and democracy, Data, Democratic innovations, Freedom of expression, Human rights, Media freedom, Social movements/collective action, Youth

Together with changemakers and media creators globally, we co-create spaces to amplify the voices of young people and rebuild consensus around the shared values that bind us together.

Through our partners, we boost traction with ideas that people need to hear (but don’t often choose to click). In doing so, we drive concrete impact on media-tech/social challenges such as disinformation and polarization.

We believe that socially engaged young people are the best hope for a peaceful, prosperous future. By sharing tools to navigate complex social issues, we’re helping cultivate a generation of active citizens who’ll drive sustainable progress.

Originally established in 1947 as a Dutch public broadcaster, RNW evolved into a global media organization focused on promoting freedom of expression and democratic values. In recent years, we transitioned into a digital media accelerator, supporting change makers globally in tackling the political and social crises that came together with new media technology.

RNW Media is a diverse team from 16 countries globally with skills ranging from data analysis to multimedia design. People that work here are smart, driven and they care about what they do.

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