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“The Voice and Value of Democracy” – GDC Advocacy Campaign Launched at CDS 2024

June 07, 2024 • By Elina AnklerElisenda Ballesté Buxó

Jonas Parello-Plesner, Executive Director of Alliance of Democracies Foundation, and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Leader of the democratic Belarus, launching the advocacy campaign at Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2024

The 7th Copenhagen Democracy Summit, held on the 14th and 15th of May, brought allies of democracy from 90 countries to unite in the defence against autocratic forces. The overarching ambition to foster collaboration was reflected by global leaders, activists, frontline democracy fighters, and tech entrepreneurs who took center stage. The impressive lineup of speakers shared their valuable insights, powerful stories, and tangible innovations, inspiring and paving the way for more aligned and resilient democracies.

Introductory remarks by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and former Danish Prime Minister and former Secretary-General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen emphasized current challenges as democracies worldwide face headwinds, but also remained optimistic about the potential of safeguarding democracy through increased collaboration. As highlighted in one of the later panel discussions, the power to change the trend towards autocratization resides with democracies. Democracy is in part losing ground because autocracies have strong alliances, but also because democracy is increasingly taken for granted. Hence, to defend democracy against the influence of malign actors, we need to become better at championing and promoting these fundamental values.

Against this backdrop and the declining trust in democracy’s capacity to deliver for its citizens, especially among youth, the Global Democracy Coalition (GDC), a multistakeholder Coalition of more than 120 organizations committed to advance and protect democracy worldwide, is determined to foster a more positive and empowering democracy narrative. This is the aim of “The Voice and Value of Democracy” campaign, spearheaded by the GDC and launched at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. The campaign has been endorsed by several political leaders such as President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Leader of the democratic Belarus Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Through a positive narrative on democracy, focused on demonstrating its universal value, promoting proactive engagement, and educating about democratic processes, practices, and responsibilities, the campaign highlights the importance of democracy to counter the vicious cycle of political apathy, disengagement, and declining trust observed in many countries worldwide. It seeks to showcase democratic innovations and good practices globally, amplify actionable recommendations in key international fora, and provide mentorship and intergenerational exchange. Furthermore, it supports and gives visibility to the efforts of GDC partners, youth groups, and democracy activists, especially ahead of democratic processes.

It encourages participants to:

  • Voice their support for democracy by sharing their democratic journeys or work in support of democracy. The campaign echoes and amplifies these messages.
  • Question authoritarian tendencies and narratives by exercising the freedom of expression and right to protest that democracy strives to uphold. 
  • Listen to diverse democratic stakeholders, particularly underrepresented groups and young decision-makers from the global majority world.
  • Act to uphold democracy within their sphere of influence or the endeavours they support. The campaign amplifes these actions, driving meaningful change.
  • Collaborate with GDC partners, and allies to elevate their work and collaborations in support of democracy, especially through social media actions around key global or regional events, such as the Paris Olympics, UNGA, Summit for the Future, and key elections.

By highlighting the voice and value of democracy, the Global Democracy Coalition aims to inspire a renewed commitment to democratic principles and foster a resilient, empowered, and engaged global citizenry. The campaign stands as a beacon of hope and a call to action for all who believe in the power and promise of democratic governance.


The Global Democracy Coalition “Voice and Value of Democracy – #Thank You Democracy” campaign is possible thanks to the generous support of the Ford and Bosch Foundations and International IDEA. It is led by Club de Madrid and International IDEA, in collaboration with Agencia Debroca. 

Leopoldo Lopez and Masih Alinejad supporting the campaign
Ursula von der Leyen supporting the campaign
Elisenda Balleste Buxo, Coordinator of the GDC, with Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Founder of Alliance of Democracies (Source: AoD Flickr)