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Review of the Year of Action and future steps of the Youth Democracy Cohort

This session will be a time to review the work of the cohorts in the last months.

Presentation of the deliverables of the youth cohort (35 minutes)

Master of Ceremonies : Camilla Pia Gonzalez Rodriguez from Juventud LAC


  • Aisha Dabo – AfricTivistes 
  • Jérémy Apert – EPD
  • Daryna Onyshko – EDYN
  • Anne Badji – EPD 
  • Sara Cognuck – Climate activist 
  • Vanessa Salazar Vega _ National Assembly of Young People


Panel discussion: Youth Forward, implementing commitments for more youth engagement : What are the opportunities for advocating for adoption by participating countries ? (45 min) 


  • Jean Costedoat-Miossec – European Commission
  • Willice Onyango – The Youth Cafe
  • Olga Caballero _ Alma Civica



  • Ken Godfrey – EPD director