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The Voice and Value of Democracy


In an era marked by rising authoritarianism, declining trust in institutions, and erosion of democratic norms, countering the negative narrative surrounding democracy has become an urgent matter. Democracies worldwide face unprecedented challenges, including disinformation campaigns, polarisation, and threats to fundamental human rights and the rule of law. Amidst these challenges, the role of the younger generation in upholding democratic practices and values has emerged as crucial.


While countering the negative narrative surrounding democratic systems requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders, it is of utmost importance to engage and empower the younger generation. By investing in youth participation and civic education, societies can nurture a generation of informed and active citizens who are committed to upholding democratic values and practices for generations to come.

This Global Democracy Coalition campaign aims to foster a positive narrative on democracy, demonstrating the universal value of democracy, promoting proactive engagement and education on democratic processes, practices and responsibilities and highlighting the value of democracy in order to respond to the vicious cycle of political apathy, disengagement and declining trust observed in many countries across the world. It will seek to showcase democratic innovations and good practices around the world, provide and amplify actionable recommendations in key international fora, mentorship and intergenerational exchange, and provide support and visibility to the work carried out by GDC members, youth groups and democracy activists worldwide to foster democratic principles and civic responsibilities, especially ahead of democratic processes, such as elections. 

The motto of the GDC campaign will be Thank You Democracy. Through a positive narrative, the campaign will raise awareness of the benefits of democratic systems across the world, spur engagement and highlight our responsibility to preserve them. The #ThankYouDemocracy campaign will encourage those involved to: 

  • Voice their support for democracy through their own journeys or work. The campaign will echo these messages and amplify their dissemination. 
  • Question authoritarian tendencies and narratives that may be spreading across the world. Amongst many, democracy grants us freedom of expression or protest, which are key actions used in the defense of democracy worldwide. 
  • Listen to diverse democratic stakeholders and those who may be underrepresented in democratic institutions, particularly young decision-makers or youth representatives from the global majority world. 
  • Act  to take tangible action to uphold democracy in your own sphere of influence or endeavors you support. This campaign will not only echo these actions but also amplify their effect, driving meaningful change.
  • Collaborate between GDC members, partners and allies. This campaign will aim to elevate the work and collaborations of GDC partners, particularly through social media actions around key global or regional events, including, for example, the Paris Olympics, UNGA, Summit for the Future, or key elections. 


Diverse actions will be launched during the duration of the campaign*, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Regional Dialogues: virtual/onsite exchanges between GDC representatives and educational institutions to raise awareness of the importance of youth participation in democratic processes, foster intergenerational exchange and provide mentorship for those interested in upholding democratic values in their countries. 
  • Media engagement: publication of pieces or interviews in media outlets ahead of landmark dates such as International Democracy Day. 
  • Dissemination of GDC messages: the main actors of the campaign will contribute to spreading and amplifying the campaign’s key  messages
  • Podcast: Development of podcast episodes featuring discussions on the value of democracy in different contexts.
  • Audiovisual Content: materials will be created for social media platforms to spread key democracy messages from GDC members and allies on landmark dates. 

Why should you get involved?

The GDC’s strength resides in the diversity of voices and collective influence of all its members, partners and allies. This campaign will be an opportunity to bring all GDC members, partners and allies together to champion democracy and the different democratic initiatives and experiences around the world. Get involved!

For more information, reach out to Elisenda Ballesté Buxó ( or Laura Flores (