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Power Conflict: Traditional Governments vs. Social Media

The recent decision by the Egyptian Tax Authority to apply income taxes on social media influencers is creating a hot debate. A huge number of Egyptians, of all ages and backgrounds, are earning living by creating media content on YouTube and Facebook platforms in particular. There is no solid statistics on how much money they make. But, to put things into perspective, it is important to notice that almost all famous media personalities who worked on traditional television stations for years, have been moving their work to YouTube.

Priorities needs of Egyptians after economic reform decisions November 2016 – an opinion poll

Between 4-10 November 2016, LDI team conducted an opinion poll on the priorities of Egyptians’ needs following the radical economic reform decisions taken by the Central Bank on the morning of November 3rd, which included currency floating, and lifting partial subsidies on some petroleum products and other energy resources. The survey aims to measure the degree of citizens’ satisfaction with these decisions and their expected impact on their daily lives. The survey also measures the degree of Egyptian citizens’ willingness and readiness to cooperate with the government on facing these challenges.