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Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2023

Last year, the global struggle between freedom and autocracy intensified.

In Europe, a nuclear armed dictatorship launched a full-scale invasion of a smaller democratic neighbor. In Asia, China stepped up its provocations against Taiwan’s democracy. Around the world, autocratic leaders continued to crack down on protest and dissent.

However, 2022 will be remembered as the year democracies began to fight back. A democratic coalition provided vast quantities of military aid to Ukraine. Political leaders flocked to Taipei to show their support for Taiwan’s democracy and the right to live in peace and freedom. Around the world, millions showed solidarity with the brave women and men protesting for their rights in Iran and Afghanistan.

Uniting democratic forces to push back against authoritarianism was our Founder and Chairman, Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s ambition when inaugurating the Copenhagen Democracy Summit six years ago, with Joe Biden as our first keynote speaker.

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